Auto Parts – Formula 1 Racing

As we take a break from our normal posts about performance parts, we though that you’d enjoy our list here of the best formula 1 races. These cars as you know are an auto companies dream.  Some of the races we would like to highlight are below.

Monaco Grand Prix – One of the most scenic settings for a race, the elite and royals flock down to the Monte Carlo raceway every year for the yearly rendezvous. Held on the Circuit de Monaco, it is considered to be the ‘it’ race in Formula 1. The course is made up of high to low elevation with many sharp bends making strong use of their professional performance parts. The course is rife with danger at every corner making the event a must watch!

Italian Grand Prix – One of the oldest Grand Prix’s comes out of Italy! Around since 1921. The most winning drivers on the course are Michael Schumacher and the legendary Lewis Hamilton. The course is just outside of Milan. The course is less scenic than its Monaco counterpart but is nonetheless one of the most anticipated races of the year.

United States Grand Prix – An on and off race that is held at various different locations with in the United States of America has produced some exciting moments on the Formula One circuit. Our favorite location was when the race took place in Indianapolis earlier in the decade as Ferrari was the big winner at prior events. We are patiently waiting to see if it will ever take on a more permanent home.

We love this sport because of the intrinsic relationship between performance parts and race cars. Stay tuned for most posts and we hope you have enjoyed!

Elk Grove California’s Popular Auto Parts for Cleaner Carpets

For Individuals interested in performance parts for their auto vehicles, we are your go to source for all information and products.

For air filters, Air intakes, Brakes, Catalytic Converters, Clutch kits, Diesel performance, Engines, Exteriors, Fender Flares, Flywheels, Fuel, Gauges, Ignition, Mufflers, Suspensions, Wheels, Rims and performance parts we are your go to source.

Why are Performance Parts so important?

Regular parts are typically what come standard in most vehicles that the ordinary joe drives. What truly separates the men from the boys are performance parts. Whether you are looking to drive a bit longer before stopping at the pump or you are looking for a quicker 0-60 mph time performance parts are typically the answer.  Research was done at the university of Elk Grove, Ca to prove that the fastest street cars were typically european. Beware when you are shopping for parts to make sure that the model and year of the car and the make so that you see the best results. We often recommend that you check with your local auto shop before you make any large decisions.

Similar to when you renovate a piece of your house or apartment cars also tend to appreciate in value when quality auto parts are added under the hood.

Where to get the best parts for your car?

There are a multitude of places to get new parts for your car whether they be locally based or online. Whether you take the online route make sure that you crosse check prices from different websites and make sure that you are getting a competitive price. Local options are what we recommend so you can skip the hassle of going under the hood of your car yourself (unless that is something you are passionate about).

For online, Amazon and Pep Boys are two places to get your parts. For your more standard parts these will most likely be a good option that can suffice even some of the odder requests.

You can also go the OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturer, route by purchasing manufactured good from the company themselves.  These parts are usually resold to other companies who assemble cars into their own finished products. OE, Original Equipment, parts are built into finished products by manufacturers. You will most times not be able to purchase OE parts as a one off purchase. Another term you may have heard of are aftermarket parts. There are typically reverse engineered to get as close as possible to the real piece and are not made by the original manufacturer. Prices and quality will invariably vary due to the broad scope the auto performance market. OEM parts are typically a bit more expensive and will come with some sort of short term warranty. We would also make sure that you keep the indoor of these cars neat and clean, there is a carpet cleaning company that specializes in this kind of work.

Use your best judgement when buying performance parts as there can often times be confusion around quality and fair price for the respective piece. Ask peers, Facebook groups or even shoot us a message and we can assist if you want some assistance. Overall, performance parts are a must to get your car to up its performance and really start feeling the thrill of being behind the wheel. We hope to enlighten you in this exciting and awesome process.