We are a full service auto and performance parts business. We are passionate about the automotive industry and are anxious to share our knowledge with you. This business started with our fascination and love for cars.  My first love was a 1964 Mustang and from there on out I knew that this was the right career choice for me. My partner has an automotive engineer degree and is well versed in the technical side of things. We both have extensive knowledge in this field, complementing each others skills, which has ultimately fueled our success here at Faster Than Them.

Our products are the top quality in the market and are backed by our FasterThanThem warranty. Our tools and parts are uniquely curated and are unrivaled by our peers. In this day and age you can buy parts from a million different sources online but ours is carefully curated. Our other unique aspect is that we have incredible connections with in the industry, enabling us to get the parts that you need. Through our years of operating we have formed key alliances with manufacturers and brands to be able to provide you with the best products on the market.

Customer service is something that is also at the core of Faster Than Them. We want you to have the best possible experience. We always want you to end up feeling like you got a good deal working with us. If you are getting a parts from us it should be competitively priced, shipped in a timely manner as well as in the best possible condition. You can always reach out to us using the form to get in touch!

Whether you are looking to replace a part in your everyday car or are trying to get your car in the next Indy 500 we are here for you!