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As we take a break from our normal posts about performance parts, we though that you’d enjoy our list here of the best formula 1 races. These cars as you know are an auto companies dream.  Some of the races we would like to highlight are below.

Monaco Grand Prix – One of the most scenic settings for a race, the elite and royals flock down to the Monte Carlo raceway every year for the yearly rendezvous. Held on the Circuit de Monaco, it is considered to be the ‘it’ race in Formula 1. The course is made up of high to low elevation with many sharp bends making strong use of their professional performance parts. The course is rife with danger at every corner making the event a must watch!

Italian Grand Prix – One of the oldest Grand Prix’s comes out of Italy! Around since 1921. The most winning drivers on the course are Michael Schumacher and the legendary Lewis Hamilton. The course is just outside of Milan. The course is less scenic than its Monaco counterpart but is nonetheless one of the most anticipated races of the year.

United States Grand Prix – An on and off race that is held at various different locations with in the United States of America has produced some exciting moments on the Formula One circuit. Our favorite location was when the race took place in Indianapolis earlier in the decade as Ferrari was the big winner at prior events. We are patiently waiting to see if it will ever take on a more permanent home.

We love this sport because of the intrinsic relationship between performance parts and race cars. Stay tuned for most posts and we hope you have enjoyed!

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